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Joint Industry Council (JIC) fittings are 37 degree flared fittings commonly used in European and worldwide fluid power applications. They share the same thread form as SAE and UN Fittings.

JIC Thread ID

To identify a male thread, measure the outer diameter, as in the picture and compare with the tables below.
To identify a female thread, measure the internal diameter, as in the picture, and compare with the tables below.
Thread Id
Dimension given in the following tables are not exact measurements and are given as a means of comparing and identifying threads. All adaptors are made to engineering tolerances and there will be variations in dimensions because of this.
Dash sizeStraight Thread SizeThreads Per InchFemale Thread I.D (mm)Male Thread O.D. (mm)

JIC Pressure Ratings and Torque Value

DashsizeNom Tube OD Size mmNom Tube OD Size inStraight Thread SizeNom Pipe SizeWorking pressureTightening Torque Nm
-023.180.1255/16 -241/834.5345500034.5345500010
-034.760.1883/8 -241/834.5345500034.5345500010
-046.350.2507/16 -201/834.5345500031310450014
-057.940.3131/2 -201/834.5345500027.5275400020
-069.520.3759/16 -181/434.5345500027.5275400022
-0812.700.5003/4 -163/831310450027.5275400048
-1015.880.6257/8 -141/224240350024240300081
-1219.050.7501-1/16 -123/4242403500242403000108
-1422.220.8751-3/16 -123/4212103000171702500136
-1625.401.0001-5/16 -121212103000171702500148
-2031.751.2501-5/8 -121-1/4171702500141402000173
-2438.101.5001-7/8 -121-1/214140200010.51051500216
-3250.802.0002-1/2 -1221010015008801125334

DESIGN DETAILS AND SPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE – Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied herein, Burnett & Hillman cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions (E&OE). Working pressures quoted are taken from the relevant standard and are provided as a guide only.